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Saturday, 03 May 2008 22:06

Joseph meticulously planned the perfect, most romantic, storybook proposal.  Karen was completely surprised!  The magic moment happened on a pre-planned Disney vacation immediately following a very fun and beautiful wedding of Bill and Jennifer in St. Pete…

After being tricked that “there was no room at the inn” at Joseph’s fathers home, Karen was led to believe that a reservation had been made, with the help of Gloria,  a family friend & Disney employee, for a night at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World.  Upon arrival there seemed to be some kind of mix-up and they were bumped. Bumped to the Red Roof Inn? NO!  Bumped to the most exquisite of Disney’s Resorts, The Grand Floridian.  What luck!  Karen was so excited and amazed at the beautiful room and grounds at the resort.  And if getting bumped UP to The Grand wasn’t lucky enough, Disney was so apologetic about the mix-up they wanted to offer some other compensation for our “trouble”.  Joseph went to the front desk to check our options and called up to the room to Karen saying “well we could do a character brunch but it’s kind of late in the morning or we can take a seat on a cruise through the Disney lagoon in front of the castle to see the fireworks tonight.”  Karen replied “OOO the character brunch sounds like fun!”  Joseph: “really?  Don’t you think we could do a character brunch anytime?”  Karen: “It sounds like you really want to do the fireworks cruise.  It will be lots of fun.  I’m just so excited to be here I’ll have a blast doing anything!”  Joseph: “fireworks cruise it is.  Now, don’t be surprised if we’re the only ones on the boat.  It’s been raining all day and people have been cancelling and that’s why these spots are available to us.”  Karen: “That’s fine with me.  So we’ll have our own private cruise.”


Joseph and the oblivious Karen proceeded to dress for a wonderful dinner at the Citricos Restaurant there at the Grand Floridian.  (It was completely, coincidental that Karen dressed in a little white whimsy sundress).  We ordered every obscure thing on the menu each one more delicious than the last.  The dessert was a towering art sculpture in chocolate.  Leaving the restaurant and making our way out of the hotel to our fireworks cruise, a little passing girl looks at us and exclaims “Mommy look at them, it’s a wedding!”



We arrive at the pier to get on the boat and wouldn’t you know… we were the only ones.  Joe was right everyone must have cancelled due to the weather earlier that day.  What luck!  Our very own private tour and cruise through the Seven Seas Lagoon to see the fireworks.  It was a bit chilly but thank God there were blankets on the boat.  The shivering Karen kept trying to nuzzle into Joseph for extra warmth but Joseph kept fidgeting, surely he must have had to go to the bathroom or something why did he keep moving away (apparently there was a box containing a very sparkly ring he was trying to hide, but we’ll get to that shortly).  After the water light parade and a very interesting behind the scene type tour of the Lagoon we pull up to the castle and our captain informed us the fireworks would start in about 59 seconds.  Joseph promptly pulled away from behind Karen, got down on his knee, reached into his pocket, pulled out a little box, opened it and said “Karen Hagstrom, I………….  YES! YES! YES!” (Karen doesn’t quite remember any of the words that followed but she’s pretty sure they at some point contained “will you marry me”)….. Sunday, April 13, 2008 9:59 pm Karen & Joseph are Engaged!  As the ring is slipped on Karen’s finger a most magical fireworks show commences above the castle!  Talk about perfect planning. (Oh, by the way did I mention that every step leading up to this was planned!  Room at Joe’s fathers-There was plenty; The hotel mix-up-there was none.  Our reservation was at The Grand from the very start; A comp fireworks cruise that just so happened to have everyone else cancel-Joe pre-booked it and bought out all the seats on the boat so we’d have it to ourselves).














Joseph and Karen return to their hotel room at The Grand where Karen finds more surprises…














Rose petals scattered everywhere, a cushion of white carnations and blue tulle and ribbon accents as a pillow for a glass slipper and a tiara fit for a Disney Princess, Champagne, Cheese, Crackers and chocolates.

Now, 11:00 pm on a Sunday night… who should Karen call first?


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